Breaking Down Manifestation

Breaking Down Manifestation

To Daily Actions


Our whole purpose at It's Intentional is to teach people how to integrate manifestation into their everyday mainstream lives. Not everyone has time to spend 2 hours a day meditating. That's amazing if you do, but there are smaller steps to take to eventually manifest that kind of freedom in our lives.

While we are still feeling limited with our time, that's where integration comes in. The secret is in the mundane activities of life, figuring out how to do them differently, and with intention so that they turn from a routine into a ritual.

Why is this so important? Well-it trains your brain to create, from within, it gets the ball rolling on your brain thinking about your intention, making every decisions a step toward your goal, and from there it's really easy for the universe to conspire for you, moving things towards your goals. There are multiple laws of manifestation, not just the law of attraction, you can't just think about it, and expect it will happen, there also has to be a physical action to take the idea from the ethers into the physical state. What better way to do this efficiently, than to attach intention of something you want to manifest, to the everyday actions you are already taking.


Taking a Shower- (or bath) you can use this time to visualize literally showering off any ideas, negative notions, or burdening thoughts that you no longer want to carry. You can supercharge it by infusing your bath with salts, flowers or bath milks. We sell some good ones here.

Drinking Water- you can use crystal coasters to charge your water glass with positive frequencies, and even simpler, you can just visualize positive thoughts and vibrations you want to invite in as you drink. You literally will ingest those good vibrations. You can add intention to not just water, but anything you consume. Need some more proof on this, just recall Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Experiment.

Getting Dressed- This is a very powerful one, because style is a visual language. It declares a message, you are telling yourself about your worth and who you are, but it's also going to re-instate that message to the universe, and literally everyone who sees you throughout your day. It's scientifically proven that colors can change moods. Not only that but each color, fabric, shape and style vibrate at a different frequency and can correlate to a different element of Feng Shui. Harmonizing your outfits with your goals can accelerate your manifestation. There are lots of ways to raise the frequency of your wardrobe, you can learn more about that through booking a styling session or staying up to date with blog posts on It's Intentional, but to begin, just focus on creating from within, choosing outfits that you feel, represent your goals symbolically. A red power suit to activate the productive version of you, or heart shaped earrings to attract love and open your heart center. Slogan or mantra shirts that literally say what you want to feel. Energy goes where your mind flows, just trust this fact, do it, and observe your results.

So, a little recap- make it a point to try this today. 

Anything you consume, attach a positive affirmation to it.

(purchases, food, water)

Anything you release, give it a name of something you want to let go of.

(throwing out trash, physical body releases like running, sweating, even using the bathroom)

There is so much more where this all came from, but our focus is to keep it digestible, a thing at a time. Give this a try and leave any stories or feedback in the comments!

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