Finding Your Purpose

Life Purpose Chart

Finding Your Purpose

Big question, and there are a lot of answers, it's ever-changing, as you expand, grow and run into opportunities this chart will grow with you. However the point of today, of this article, and this version of the chart is to get you aligned with that highest path, this is the beginning.
So we are going to narrow it down, not to your ideal futuristic purpose, but to what is your purpose right now, what can you offer right now, may it be a side hustle or a creative outlet, or just a new hobby, eventually this chart will scale into a purpose you can support yourself on, full time.

You know why?

The universe was designed to support you in your highest purpose, and you know what else? Everything you do that isn't in your highest good, is actually harder for the universe to support, because that requires it to re-wire. We all have heard of the butterfly effect right? How one butterfly can flutter its wings and change the world. It's true, we are all connected, and everytime you do something against your highest purpose, you are messing things up, the universe has to re-calibrate and figure out, "how can I re-wire to make Susie able to do this thing she didn't want to do in the first place, okay I can do it, but I will have to make her late here, and it'll effect this friend here and her dog here". Do you see what I am getting at? If we were all following our highest purpose, everything would be in sync for us all to experience abundance, we would all flourish.


Let's start with these questions... Fill them out in a brainstorming map like pictured above. Look for what you can put in the intersections.
Narrow down, scale down the dream to something you can start right now.
Plan out what you can do today, this week,  and then this month.
Start it, change it as you evolve.
You will learn so many new things about yourself and what's out there. This is the beginning, watch as the universe easily re-calibrates to support you on your aligned path.
It'll look like new ideas, grander passions, inspiring people, it'll feel like love and so much growth.
So just start and I promise, opportunities will unfold.
1. What do you love? 
    What are you doing when you feel a rush of inspiration, what do you get high off?When do you feel excited? What do you find yourself yearning to do in your free time? 
    2. What does the world need?
    More specifically, what does your world need, you were placed in the spot you are in for a reason, what is something missing amongst your friends, family, workplace, gym, what is needed where you spend your time and how does that align with the things you love.
    3. What could you be paid for?
    What value could you offer right now, that people would be willing to pay for? Get creative, have you checked out sites like fiverr? People list all kinds of skills on there, anything from drawing a picture or editing a video to giving dating advice. Think in terms of what skills could you offer on a site like that or to your friends?
    4. What are you good at?
    What is something you could give the world today without any further training? What are you naturally good at? What value could you offer right now, that people would be willing to pay for? What do you have experience in? 
    If you are having trouble answering these, you may need to release some of your hard beliefs.
    The first step is practicing following your heart as opposed to logic, every time you listen to it, you are a little more aligned. That means saying no to things you don't really want to do, and stopping to ask "what do I want", "what feels right in this moment", every time you do that, every time you choose your highest good you are one step closer to finding your purpose, and it'll eventually become second nature to listen and choose the right moves.
    Orrr for a shortcut you could read some life changing books, which for me was the quickest way to a new perspective. 
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