How to Protect Your Space in an Urban Place

Through a recent learning, I was pushed to realize how easy it is to become affected by negative energies, spirits and entities, than I originally had thought. It's comparable to coming in contact with dust, dirt, bacteria and toxins. All of that which means, in a populated place like a city, you are even more at risk.

These beings can attach themselves to us, our clothing, our homes, even our shoes, and influence our thoughts, feelings, and personalities while draining our energy. Even if they aren't able to affect you directly, the can indirectly, by interfering with other people and things around you.

"Cleaning your energy field should become as commonly part of your routine as taking a shower."

I used to think I was safe as long as I was vibrating high, because like attracts like, then I realized entities are also attracted to objects, which means my clothes and accessories needed to be vibrating high as well. Because everything has a vibration, it is beneficial to understand how to dress in the frequencies that attract the things you want in your life. Think of fashion as a visual language, only it's one that repeats it's statement all throughout the day. Can you imagine how fast you could manifest things if you repeated the affirmations throughout the entire day? That is what your clothes are doing, so it's important that that message is one you choose intentionally. Wearing dark clothes, with negative symbolism such as harsh words or pictures of skulls and death? That is not going to attract health and prosperity. Maybe you're feeling grungy, but just know that dressing lighter is a quick, easy way to raise your vibration and start attracting higher vibes to pull you out of your funk, while wearing things of lower vibrations will keep you there, by attracting dark things, and actually repelling positive things.


Dark energies like to hideout at places like bars, subways, the streets of cities, the dark. There are simple ways to protect yourself to ward off those energies with the use of intention or simply fashion.

So what are things you do to protect yourself?

  • Visualization- Simply visualize warm healing light around you. A guru of mine, recommended imagining "the disco ball", simply visualizing a disco ball around you, filled with warm light, that allows your light to shine through, but reflects anything negative right back at it. I visualize this when I am walking by someone dark on the streets, listening to complaints of a nearby subway goer, or perhaps avoiding the energy of a moody co-worker.
  • Accessories- Gold can act as a protective barrier and conduit of energy, absorbing the energies first and translating them into something positive. Crystals also can be worn for this. All metals vibrate at a high frequency, but gold is the highest. Attach intention to them, wearing a necklace to protect your throat chakra and help your words come from a more positive place. Golden crowns were worn in ancient times to protect the crown chakra, although some occasions call for crowns (mermaid festival) you can just as easily get protection by styling a gold chain around a rimmed hat, or adding gold pins to a ball cap. You get the picture! Just make sure to clear,  these jewels at the end of a hard days work. You can do that just like you clear crystals, with sage, palo santo or a charge in the sun.
  • Fashion- The principles of Feng Shui and Color Therapy can easily be applied to fashion, allowing you to dress for vibrational success. Everyone's needs will differ day to day, according to one's wants, but on the topic of dressing for protection we recommend the following RX:


Crystals: You can put them in your bra, carry them in your pocket, or simply lay them on your outfit the night before to charge the clothing. The best crystals for protection include; Fire Agate, Black Tourmaline, Tourmalinated Quartz, Jet Stone, Black Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Jasper.

Symbolism: Anything symbolic to your religion or beliefs will actually do the trick, these symbols speak to the universe and automatically embody you in protection. Wearing symbols or mantras with positive connotations will literally manifest that message or vibration throughout your day. 

Hairstyle: According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, the bun is the best hairstyle for women looking for protection. Apparently the end of your hair follicles being exposed, leave vessels for energy to come into. Subscribe to this or not- I thought I would share.

Colors: White- wearing an all white outfit will attract and absorb pure, good energy, while it will deflect anything negative. Wear an all white ensemble for protection.

A messy eater? Try light blue, another color that will attract only positive frequencies. Avoid Black. Some people will advise to wear black, but it absorbs EVERYTHING, so do so only if you are in a good place and decked out in protective jewels.

This is a tidbit of info for those that need protection, but we all have different goals, and there are different ways to manifest them through the visual language of fashion. Book a session with Kaitlyn to identify your dreams, blockages and how to dress in order to balance those chakras, and align your wardrobe with your goals. 

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