Virgo Season


These Astral Style Guides are built to help you dress in tune with the energies of the ruling zodiac sign. In doing so, the Feng Shui of your most intimate environment (your clothes), will be in harmony with the energies at work around you.  Applying Feng Shui to fashion, allows for you to use your outfits as visual messages, telling the universe who you are and what you want to attract, on a daily basis. It is a form of manifestation, that you can easily integrate into your life. Just by adding a little bit of intention to your choices, you can turn a routine, into a ritual. Dressing in sync with the zodiac calendar is one way to be in the flow of the universal cycle.

When you align your goals with the direction the universal energies are already going in, it makes it that much easier for them to come into your reality. Dressing according to our guide will ensure your outfits are sending out the right vibes to attract the frequencies of the moment.

Each zodiac month has different energies and lessons that come to surface with it. Read on and dress up to get a piece of what Virgo season has to offer.



When Virgo instates itself as the ruling planet, (Aug 23- Sept 22) it brings about the helpful energies of planning, organization and hard work for all of us. As Virgo is an earth sign, it’s best to dress according to earth design elements. This means neutral hues, yes #nudes, mauves, blushes, hints of gold and rust. Wearing these colors  from head to toe in monotone outfits, will reinforce the purity and focus in your intentions while attracting help, and deflecting distraction.

Clean, minimalistic styles, are key here. Think practical and understated. Opt for more structured, boxy silhouettes that say you mean business. Clothing made from natural fibers vibrate higher than those of synthetic material. Seek linen, cotton, wool and and silks.

Accessories should be classic and timeless, like a watch, for example. Bringing in square shapes, either in the pattern, or shape of an item will affirm your sharp demeanor. 

The energies of Virgo invite us to focus on building the foundation of who we are going to be this year. Attention should be on the body and establishing routines for beauty from the inside out. Your splurges this month should be geared toward skincare, self- care rituals like massages and facials, nutritious food, new workout plans and vitamins. In clothing, buy staple pieces like blazers and suits, a new bag for your work stuff, office clothes, and those token pair of shoes and earrings you'll end up wearing everyday. 

It’s about getting serious, practical, and building out the structure of your year. If you think of your outfits as your vision board, Virgo looks like a clear canvas, and marks the beginning of a new vision. You want your outfits to be bare and minimal to make room for your new desires. Too much clutter and distraction will keep you stagnant in last seasons dreams. Dress in tune with the element to send the visual message to the universe that you’ve done the clearing, you've let go of the old, you're organized and now you have a clean canvas ready to fill with your new desires.

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