About Us


It's Intentional was founded on a love for fashion and the philosophy that everything carries an energy. Founder, Kaitlyn Emery has devised a methodology for manifesting the life you want by raising the vibration of your clothing using the principles of Feng Shui, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy and the Power of Intention.

How we dress is our bodies most immediate and intimate environment. Dressing is an opportunity to declare your worth and who you are on a daily basis. It is itself a form of manifestation. 

It's Intentional is a blog and retailer centered around helping women raise the frequencies of their wardrobe, turning routines into rituals, and taking power dressing to a vibrational level. Connect through a session, learn through the blog, or shop spiritually charged clothing through the vibrationally curated collections.

Everything we consume or surround ourselves with is an opportunity for us to integrate good vibes and intention. Clothing carries an aura of its own and can be a vehicle to invite in good energy, or attract the bad.

Our mission as a high-vibe, high-fashion brand is to become an expert on the idea of intentional dressing, and share our knowledge and products with you along the way.