Work With Me


Collaborations. Consulting. Style Guides. Features. Brand Launches.

Corporate Events 


Vintage & Consignment Stores 

Energy Clearing.


Podcasts. Interviews. Guest Writing.

Personal Style Consultation - 1hr session via Skype $250

Identifying blockages, and desires, determining vibration of needs and offering style guidance accordingly.

Coaching Session - 1 hr session via Skype $250

Need help identifying where to start integrating manifestation into your life? Don't even know what your goals would be, let alone how to manifest them? A coaching session will help bring clarity to identify your purpose and how to begin lining up your dharma with your day job. I'll use various intuitive tools to identify your specific needs, and outline steps to take in order to get there.


Email to inquire about booking. Prices dependent on scope of project.